FredFrederick Courouble, yacht designer and aerospace engineer, graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Naval Architecture from Southampton University in England. Continued research in the field of aeronautical engineering led him to obtain a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering from California State University Long Beach with an “Outstanding Masters Thesis” award for his research on the America’s Cup in 2007. A novel optimization method in the America’s cup based on constructive Neural Network analysis from the on board telemetry database.
In Europe, Frederick consulted on design work for 2 IMOCA 60 campaigns and joined the German Frers office in Milan during the prada America s cup campaign 2000. After relocating to the USA in 2000, he collaborated with 2 california designers, before opening his own design office and Engineering firm in 2011.
Today, Frederick is based in Lakewood, California, and is the founder of Courouble Design & Engineering Inc. As a structural engineer, he is responsible for composite structural analysis and design for rocket launch vehicle at Vector launch Corporation. Primarily specializing in design and performance optimization of racing yachts.